Digital Radiography

Digital Dental Radiography has arrived.  Starting in December of 2009, we have switched our dental x-ray technique, from a film based to a digital based system.  This offers many advantages for the patient:

1.  The radiation used to obtain an image is 60-75% less than with film.

2.  The images are then viewed on 20′” high resolution computer monitors vs. looking at a postage sized piece of film.

3. The images are obtained within seconds vs. traditional film based processing that requires several minutes to process, and are variable due to the age and previous usage of the darkroom chemicals.

4.  Digital dental radiography does away with the need for a darkroom and the associated chemistry and disposal problems involved.

5.  The images are stored in a central location, and easily retrieved at any of our viewing stations. Multiple backup systems are used. These images are securely stored off site.

Our new equipment is manufactured by the Instrumentarium company, the leader in dental digital Radiography.

We have obtained digital dental x-ray equipment to obtain both intra- and extra- oral radiographic images.

Our new Panoramic x-ray machine is the Instrumentarium OP 200d.  This is the highest rated machine on the market today.  It leads the pack in image resolution and clarity, while using the lowest exposure level to obtain these images. This machine can capture a variety of panoramic, bite-wing, and TMJ views.

These new digital radiographic instruments will allow us to quickly and accurately aid in making an accurate diagnosis, which will lead to better treatment for our Patients.


We have recently obtained the Vita Easy Shade. This unique piece of dental equipment allows for a much more accurate matching of the shade of a porcelain restoration to your teeth.

Vita Easy Shade

Vita Easy Shade

The Easy Shade is based on electronic photospectrographic analysis. It allows our lab technicians to create a much more life-like final result on your dental restorations. It works much the same way as the electronic devices found in your local paint store. There you would bring in a sample of paint that you are trying to match. With the Easy Shade we are measuring the subtle variations in tooth coloration.